DTF Transfer Application Instructions

All transfers from DTF Design Source require the use of a commercial-grade heat press due to the high, even pressure needed for proper application. Home irons are not suitable.

While not necessary, you can use Teflon sheets or parchment paper as protective coverings when pressing. If you are pressing your DTF transfer without the clear transfer paper (such as a second press), make sure to use a Teflon sheet or parchment paper to protect your heat press. Note that pressing pillows can adversely affect the application, and their use is at your own risk.

Pressing Temperature: 300°F-325°F*

Pressing Time: 8 - 20 seconds*

Pressure: HIGH

Peel: Our DTF transfer paper is designed to be a hot peel, but can also be peeled warm or cold. To successfully peel your transfer hot, you must have perfected your ideal pressing settings. This can be challenging for some users, especially those new to pressing DTF transfers. If you are a beginner or find that hot peel is not working for you, allow your transfer to cool and then peel the transfer paper. If you notice any lifting, lay the transfer paper back down, repress for 10-15 seconds, allow to cool, and then peel.

While not necessary, you can press for a second time after peeling the paper. If you choose to do this, be sure to use parchment paper or a Teflon sheet to protect your heat press.

*These settings are recommendations only and will depend greatly on your heat press. If you are unfamiliar with pressing DTF transfers from DTF Design Source, we recommend doing a few test presses to ensure the correct temperature, time, and pressure for your heat press.